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The Top 10 Phone Sex Numbers in the U.S.

What to talk about while having Phone Sex

How about you talk about this for phone sex or better yet try these places with your Hot Girl on the line.

#1.On a ferris wheel at the amusement park, request your own private cab and take things slowly while on top of the world and you want sex, things will get shaky.

#2. In a nightclub, pumping and grinding your Hot Ass girl to the low lights and sexy music, will allow you to have sex while not being noticed.

#3. At the Movie Theatre, a movie theatre hand job or blow job should be easy, but try sitting in the last row to get your freak sex on.

#4. Public Sex on a train or a bus late at night with your Hot Girl, Try having a quickie or Oral Sex before the next stop.

#5. How about in the backyard, pitch a tent, move the sex outside when the kids are inside, and squeeze those Big Tits under the stars.

#6. On the hood of your car in your driveway at night or better yet in a parking lot or on the side of the road you can want need have sex all night long.

#7. On the kitchen counter, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase eating pussy.

#8. Convince your Hot girl or slightly Lesbian inclined babe, to sit on top of the washing machine especially during a spin cycle, tell her its one big sex toy.

#9. In her childhood bedroom with all of her stuffed animals around, give her some dirty talk first to warm her up.

#10. On a boat with other people on board either in a cabin underneath or on the deck, if you don't care. BTW a great place for a blow job

#11. In a department store dressing room, hey its got a big mirror and you will no longer complain about going shopping if your getting laid in the dressing room each time you go.

#12. In the office when your co-workers aren't around either later at night or during the day in the stairwell is where you can get good girl sex.

#13. In a public park during the day having hot nasty dirty sex on top of one of the picnic tables, just watch out for children eyes.

#14. And perhaps the most popular outdoor public sex place. The beach during the day nothing beats getting a blow job or a hand job, or just straight sex when hopefully no ones around or cares. Even night time when you can dirty talk her into nasty things like anal on the beach or in the water where no one can see you sucking her big tits, the possibilities are endless here.

#15. In between the stacks of books in the Library you can have hot sex, better hurry the library may become a thing of the past soon.

#16. In the middle of your high school football field at night, sneak on and get your freak on.

#17. On a horse and buggy ride while the driver is looking the other way, also good for hand jobs, but if you want sex go for it.

#18. On the balcony on Bourbon street during Mardi Gras. take her from behind slowly and she flashes her big tits to the crowd below.

#19. Abandoned buildings can be fun, find one and slam her against the wall for some hot dirty girl sex, even better at night.

#20. Virtually on the internet is the best place for phone sex. There are many dating apps that will make your phone sex experience close to real.

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